3 Wheel BRC @ El Dorado, Kansas

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3 Wheel BRC @ El Dorado, Kansas

3 Wheel BRC @ El Dorado, Kansas

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Students will meet two (2) times.  The 2 sessions will happen on Saturday and Sunday for 8 hours each day. Each of these sessions will start at 8 am and be complete at 5 pm.  A lunch break is scheduled on the Saturday and Sunday sessions but not on the evening session. During the heat of Summer, the class may decide to start class one hour earlier on the Saturday and Sunday sessions. For additional information about address, directions, or what to bring with you to class, Click on the PDF icon below.

The MSF 3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse (3WBRC) is a basic, entry-level, learn-to-ride 3-wheel motorcycle (3WMC) training and education course. It provides fundamental skills similar to the MSF Basic RiderCourse but on 3-wheel, 3-track motorcycles (not motorcycles with a sidecar or car-based motorcycles). 3WBRC RiderCoaches who have been trained and certified by the MSF conduct the 3WBRC.
• It consists of eight (8) hours of classroom instruction and eight (8) hours of range exercises. The classroom instruction uses a 3WBRC Rider Handbook that has both Level I and II content.

Cost for the Course will be $75.00

The following 3 Wheel Basic RiderCourses are scheduled with our partners at Butler of El Dorado


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April 28-29                               July 14-15


May 19-20                               August 18-19


June 16-17                              September 22-23



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