Military Personnel Information


 We appreciate the sacrifice of all our Military Personnel.  To us, this includes all branches of service; and it doesn’t matter if you are Active, Reserve, or National Guard.  We even include dependents and retirees.

Due to our close relationship with the Kansas Army National Guard and McConnell AFB, we have special instructions for their personnel.

Kansas Army National Guard:  Budget permitting, the Kansas Army National Guard will pay for their members after successful completion of an approved course. 

    1.    Notify the State Safety Representative

    2.    Enroll with us

    3.    Provide payment information

        a.    Pay by check

        b.    Give Credit Card information - DO NOT use the online payment process.  If you do use the online payment process, your card will be charged immediately.  We will wait until payment is received from the Kansas Army National Guard before we refund your online payment.

       Note:  We will not process your Check or Credit Card unless you fail to show up for your class or are unsuccessful during your class. 

    4.    Take Class

    5.    Notify the State Safety Representative you have completed course

    6.    We will collect the enrollment fee from the State Safety Representative

    7.    We will destroy your check or CC information

22 ARW McConnell AFB:  We currently have a contract with the Safety Office to provide Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses for their personnel.  The Safety Office will pay for the course you take if you visit their office and complete all the required items on their checklist.  Once you complete the paperwork, they will schedule you for your course.

Note:  Remember to bring the paperwork you received from the Safety Office with you to class.  You will need us to sign your paperwork before completing your class.  Additionally, the Safety Office considers this a Mandatory Appointment.  Should anything come up, duty or personal, you will need to speak to the Safety Office to reschedule or cancel this class.  We cannot do that without involving the Safety Office.

All Others:  If you don’t fall into either of those categories, you can at least take advantage of our $20.00 discount by using the word Military as a discount code during enrollment.