Jeff Schellenger, RiderCoach

    I have been riding for 30+ years. I enjoy it a lot and thought it would be a good activity to help my son get started in. After helping him get his license, I realized how rewarding it was to teach him some of the things I have learned about riding over the years. When presented with the opportunity to help others learn to ride, I quickly accepted. I learned the reasoning behind some of the things I had done on my own, and also learned several techniques to use to make me a better rider. I have been a certified MSF Rider Coach since 2006 and I still learn from each class I am involved with. I enjoy talking to people after a few weeks or months after class, full of excitement about their experiences and how they have practiced the techniques I have helped them learn.
    I have lived in the Wichita area most of my life. My wife and I and family like to find new roads to ride when we can.