Kansas State Laws That Pertain to Motorcyclists

License: "M" endorsement is required

 Helmet: Riders and passengers under age 18 must wear an approved helmet.

Eye Protection: Protective glasses, goggles, face or windshield must be a minimum of 10 inches tall measured from the center of the handlebars. 

Headlights: Motorcycles manufactured after 1-1-78 must have headlights on at all times while riding.

Turn Signals: Motorcycles manufactured after 1-1-73 must have electric turn signals. 

Mirrors: Motorcycles manufactured after 1-1-75 shall be equipped with a mirror mounted on the left side.

Seat & Pegs: If a passenger is carried the motorcycle must have a passenger seat & foot pegs. 


a.  Motorcycles are entitled to the full width of the lane.

b.  Do not pass a vehicle while in the same lane.

c.   No lane splitting.

d.  No more than 2 motorcycles abreast in one lane.

Insurance: Minimum coverage required:  $25K Liability, $10K Property, & Personal Injury Protection is optional.