We are proud to announce our new partnership with Can-Am Spider to provide the 3 Wheel Basic RiderCourse  utilizing equipment provided by Can-Am Spider.

Our courses will be offered at our El Dorado Location only

The MSF 3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse (3WBRC) is a basic, entry-level, learn-to-ride 3-wheel motorcycle (3WMC) training and education course. It provides fundamental skills similar to the MSF Basic RiderCourse but on 3-wheel, 3-track motorcycles (not motorcycles with a sidecar or car-based motorcycles). 3WBRC RiderCoaches who have been trained and certified by the MSF conduct the 3WBRC.
• It consists of eight (8) hours of classroom instruction and eight (8) hours of range exercises. The classroom instruction uses a 3WBRC Rider Handbook that has both Level I and II content.

Cost for the Course will be $75.00