• Coaches required to complete annual training and updates
  • Coaches seek out new training ideas
  • In-house Trainer performing quality checks
  • RiderCoaches who teach on a regular schedule
  • RiderCoaches that ride and practice what they teach

To teach our high quality students, we need the very best RiderCoaches.  To reach this standard, all RiderCoaches attend annual training sessions and curriculum updates.  We also encourage our RiderCoaches to bring new and interesting methods of instruction from other schools and education institutions. 

We have an in-house RiderCoach Trainer who collects ideas and develops training programs for both RiderCoaches and Students.  He is responsible for quality control evaluations of the RiderCoaches, course curriculum, and training locations.

I’m sure you have heard the old phrase, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.  At MTSI, we live it.  Our RiderCoaches teach on a frequent and reoccurring basis.  Additionally, they ride nearly year around, weather permitting.  The RiderCoaches ride in the same manner they teach.  Meaning they ride their motorcycle in the same way they want you to ride yours.


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