• None larger than 250cc
  • Diverse motorcycle styles available

All of our training motorcycles are 250cc or less.  These are chosen for several reasons.  The smaller bikes are lighter weight and easier to control.  They don’t have excessive power that might get a new rider in trouble.



Another difference about our program is we don’t believe that one size will fit all.  Some of our competitors only have one or two different models of motorcycles for you to adapt too.  This presents a challenge when a shorter person tries to ride a taller motorcycle or a taller person tries to ride a motorcycle way to small for them.  We have overcome this problem by seeking out the widest variety possible for motorcycles in our training fleet.  Currently, we have:


  • Honda; Rebels, CRF 230 and Nighthawks
  • Kawasaki; Eliminators and Ninjas
  • Yamaha; Viragos
  • Suzuki; GZ 250 and DR 200


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