Course Description

Increasing numbers of concerned riders are flocking to this eight-hour course to hone their skills and fine-tune the mental skills needed for survival in traffic.  Using your own motorcycle, you’ll put into practice the techniques of managing traction, stopping quickly, cornering and swerving.  The course will also cover protective gear, rider responsibility, motorcycle inspection and care, effects of alcohol and other drugs while riding, risk management, and lane positioning.  After successful completion of the course, participants may qualify for premium discounts with some motorcycle insurers.

Course Notes:

  • Students must be able to read, understand, and speak English at the sixth grade level
  • Tuition varies by location
  • Motorcycle endorsement is required before taking course
  • Classes are usually scheduled on a Saturday several times a year
  • Personally owned bikes brought to this class MUST be capable of passing an on-site motorcycle inspection. Tire condition and tread depth MUST be within the manufacturer's recommendations. Car tires or other inappropriate tires are not allowed. See our T-CLOCS Checklist for more information.  Student MUST also show proof or registration and insurance.