We believe that it is better to provide the best motorcycle courses and classes for the people of Kansas.


During our inaugural year, 2003, we started with only one location.  As we reached out to other communities, we received welcome after welcome. Currently, we were holding classes in three different cities and towns in Kansas.  As other communities realize the need for our service, we will be there to provide motorcycle courses.

Quality of life depends on continually learning new things or making yourself better by increasing your knowledge or skills.  Motorcycling isn't any different.  We offer three different motorcycle courses to help you progress to the best you can be.

Motorcycling and teaching others to enjoy motorcycling have been a part of us for nearly our entire lives.  It has become our life.  It defines what we are.  So to move on to something more profitable is not even a consideration for us.  We are here for you.

We believe completely in what we teach.   It isn’t possible for us to teach you the best techniques or practices and then do something different when you’re not looking.  We practice what we preach.  The training processes we use are so good that we use them and live by them.  It is what has kept us riding successfully for so many years. 

You deserve the best opportunity to explore your desire to ride a motorcycle.   From the moment you inquire about a class, what you need should be the focus.  Some course providers don’t do a very good job of taking care of you.  Our RiderCoaches routinely go above and beyond to ask you individually how they can make your experience or training more successful.  It’s all about you.  Whether you ride a little or year around, you are the most important part of our relationship.